Oh-Oh! BBC Mornings To Get Worse?

Other female presenters who have been tipped for the role include Woman’s Hour presenter Emma Barnett and Question Time host Fiona Bruce.


BBC World Service has long been a morning treat here in The Tropics, where we get the night-time broadcasts as we contemplate our first coffees.



Like BBC today, when the ‘news’ had another ‘guest’ expert whining about how things haven’t seemed to change much re ‘police inter-actions’ with non-whites.


But that prompts mention of Ugly Barnett, apparently in the running for this top UK Pravda job, because apart from her chummy first-name reference to the infamous Jihadist Jamima…


…her most incendiary leftist yelp must have been when she absurdly claimed that talking about the criminal records of undesirables who died during such police inter-actions was ‘itself racist.’



Her touching commitment to cover-up thus made known, you’d think she would be given a transfer from current affairs to…what?

I’d say sports…

Louse Lineker Rants Again!

….but sport isn’t safe from the woke-left these days.

She could perhaps become a tea-lady, but she wouldn’t like that either…

BA Dumps ‘Ladies n Gents’ To Appease Freaks! 

…possibly preferring the title ‘tea-person,’ her BBC mind-set in tune with that idiotic BA diktat.

As to Fiona Bruce, whilst I have not commented on her previously, she has her own distinctive record of bias…


BBC bias strikes again as angry viewers roast Fiona Bruce over ‘unfair’ Question Time


Angry fathers attack ‘biased’ Bruce


…but typically her bosses didn’t give a monkey’s about that and refused to discipline her.

Little hope of improvement, unless you revel in unpleasantly slanted approaches to news.