Twitter Comrades Rip Up Rule-Book

The story of the lady in Ottawa who had to shut down her cafe due to Red Nazi threats is appalling.

Have the Mounties detained anyone suspected of making the threats, which are, after all, unlike anything the detained Freedom Convoy leaders have done, typical Antifa terrorism?



Sadly, law enforcement in Canada – or rather Turdo Diktat enforcement – is becoming as one-sided as that in the USA.

There’s a quote from the crowd-funding good guys whose site was plundered….

….which indicates they are getting damned little help in regard to the hacker crime which led to the intimidation of donors.

…FBI – I mean, it’s surprising that we haven’t heard from any investigative services… this is completely unacceptable.’

But how about the far-left scum in control at Twitter? Dirty Dorsey ( and his China Doll?) may have handed over power… 

Dorsey’s Replacement WON’T Be His China Doll! 

…but the new boss made it very clear from the get-go that he is just as intolerant as DD.


Their geekstasi goons are all too eager, as a rule, to freeze accounts at the slightest infraction by anyone to the right of Leon Trotsky.

Jackboot Dorsey’s Goons Stomp The Doc! 

But when pinko creeps exploit the proceeds of criminality?

Pro-Turdo Twitter ‘has freely allowed the sharing of articles based on the hacked donor list, despite a policy against hacked materials that the social media giant cited in blocking articles based on material from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop… ‘