Catching Up With Cop-Out Clanchy!

That sorry specimen Kate Clanchy, who cravenly let her book be censored to appease the woke-weasels…

Total Sell-Out! Clanchy Crawls To Pinko Creeps! 

…is now telling us how creepy are the dorks who call the shots at Picador publishers…

‘..dorks’ being my way of defining that publisher’s “focus group, ” which banned words such as “handicap” and “disfigured” from her work.

These uptight mush-noggins are absurdly described as a team of experts…assembled by Picador to “detect and reform” the “problematic racism and ableism” in her work.


Like, ‘experts’ on what?

Uptight Asininity?

If Picador paid the klutzes, they’d have been better off hiring the first half-dozen normal folk that walked past their office on a Monday morning.

A shop assistant, a bus conductor, a bank clerk, a plumber?

A panel comprising such people would know better what words are in use among the non-decadent elements of society.



Hell, even a couple of homeless winos slouched in an adjacent door-way could have told them that ‘handicap’ and ‘disfigured’ are perfectly normal words used in the real world.

But not in the Twilight Wokery Zone, clearly.

No sympathy for Clancy, though.

She should have self-published rather than let her book be censored.