Cops Attacks Journo, BBC Silent, Cos Alexa’s No Lefty!

I just made a point of tuning into UK Pravda, BBC World News, 9pm Jakarta time.


If a BBC reporter or ANY other Left media hack, had been brutally assaulted by an out-of-control cop, the tax-funded broadcaster would have been all over the story.

But as I suspected, not a word.

It’s now 9.15pm and the BBC has moved onto ‘sport’ – if you can call the Beijing Olympics ‘sport!’


  • See the source image

Alexa Lavoie, injured by cop thug


Watch the assault on Alexa Lavoie – and read about the outrageous way Justin Turdo’s goons in Ottawa have run amok – here.

Oh, and if you can afford it, donate to the victim’s legal costs – she’s ready to sue!