Turdo’s Foul-Mouths Assail Freedom Truckers

Why do I call the disgraceful cops in Ottawa ‘foul-mouths?’



They may not all use obscene abuse in inter-actions with inoffensive citizens but after the notorious instance a week ago…

‘None Of Your F”””n Concern!’ Turdo Goon-Cop! 

…and given how that offensive cop lout has not been identified, fired or even made to make a public apology, we must assume that his superior officers see nothing amiss in such misconduct.

As to the outrageous display of police-state tactics in Canada’s capital, the world has now witnessed…



…how low Turdo will go.

No need for comment, as his tyrannical character has revealed itself sufficiently.

Turdo Fulfils His Nazi-Fan Dad’s Day-Dream?

Not that we didn’t expect that.