BBC’s Big Canada Cover-Up!

Successful media bias depends not only on slanting the information afforded to the audience….

….but also suppressing news that isn’t fit for purpose.

Hence UK Pravda, 9am Jakarta time, today, and we hear only the opinion of Turdo’s goons…

Turdo’s Foul-Mouths Assail Freedom Truckers

…who ‘defended’ their use of excessive force, claiming that they faced ‘aggressive’ protesters.


No dissenting voice was heard on this ‘news,’ nothing about the cop who used inexcusably obscene language to a passer-by…

‘None Of Your F”””n Concern!’ Turdo Goon-Cop! 

…..nothing about the Mountie thugs gloating at what vicious violence can achieve…

Will Mountie Nixon Get The (Jack)Boot?

…nor even about the brutal assault by one of their comrades on a female journalist….

Cops Attacks Journo, BBC Silent, Cos Alexa’s No Lefty!

…but then she is not one of their ideological herd, so her injuries…



…don’t matter in the eyes of the BBC World News vultures – not even worth mentioning.



…but that’s only what we expect.