Comrade Maitlis, Please Take Munchkin With You!

It has always seemed strange, somebody as off-putting as The Munchkin getting paid such big bucks to intersperse wittering trivia with leftist outbursts…

…but I nevertheless try to keep track of all the worst UK Pravda offenders…



…so when I read that she had ‘taken to Twitter to speak out‘  on Comrade Maitlis’ departure….

Malificent Maitlis Moves On? Big Deal! 

Night-Hag Maitlis


…I was curious to learn what such ‘speaking out’ might include.

Yet all I could find on the Express’s page was a one-word –



Hardly ‘speaking out!’

Had it been four words, they would have gladdened my heart viz.

‘Please take me too!’

The Express’ treatment of these dreadful biased bints, ‘Emily…’ instead of Maitlis, Ms Maitlis or Comrade Maitlis, is perplexing.


Two Corgi puppies sitting on the floor.

They are not, after all, much-loved dogs like the Queen’s corgis!