For Putin, Read Dublin!

Listening to what Vladimir Putin has been saying, about how Ukraine is not really a nation at all, that Ukrainians can only have an identity as part of Russia…




…did it not strike you as chillingly similar to the arrogant expansionist ranting heard from Eire for decades…

Detached From Reality, Eire’s Dreams Fester!


Irish postage stamp denominated two pence showing a green outline map of the island of Ireland with the Gaelic words Éire for Ireland and dá pingin for two pence

…even the postage stamps denying there are two nations on the island?

Eire Still Clings To Indefensible Expansionism

Dublin politicos endlessly parrot the Big Lie!

I want unification. I make no bones about the fact that I want a United Ireland.’

Eire gave safe haven to murderous IRA gangsters over the years – Dublin would love to alter the map of the British Isles, to partition the UK and absorb Ulster into an alien state under a foreign flag.

Ulster Brits should thank God that Dublin’s armed forces are puny and would get bloodied and battered if they tried to implement the evil, atavistic ‘United Ireland…’

Image result for devalera hitler


‘…De Valera’s Dream,’ that still hangs like a foul fog over the hostile state to the South.