BBC At War…No Longer Neutral?

One’s natural instinct, when a mighty power targets a smaller country.. .


Poland’s treatment by the Third and Fourth Reichs, for example….

…is to sympathise with the bully’s victim.

Just been listening to UK Pravda’s Steve Rosenberg in Moscow, assuring us that ‘this is not a war the Russian public wants.’

Very possibly true, but who knows?

How many of Russia’s millions of people has Mr. Rosenberg spoken with?

Overall, it’s fair to say the BBC has been overtly anti-Putin, its numerous ‘guests’ differing in approach but united in hostility to Moscow.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE from the Falklands War…

…when the BBC was NOT exactly pro-British…

“…it is not the BBC’s role to boost British troops ‘ morale..”


“…the widow in Portsmouth is no different from the widow of Buenos Aires.. “

Just saying!