IRA Scum Honoured By GAA/Sinn Fein


We have looked at the GAA before, but not  for some time…

…and this latest evidence only confirms what we talked about back then, when Jim Allister got stuck into the DUP.


TUV’s Jim


Commenting on Peter Robinson’s visit to a GAA match, Jim Allister explained:
“A few weeks ago Ian McCrea MLA rejoiced in defeat for Tyrone, Gregory Campbell regularly, and properly, objects to multiple GAA grounds being named in honour of IRA terrorists, but
Nelson McCausland lavished £60m on the GAA as Sports Minister last year and now Peter Robinson happily sits under the tricolour to watch two teams play whose county officials boycotted the Queen‟s visit to Croke Park!
Probably not many mainland Brits realise what a rancid rat’s nest of treason the GAA actually is. Please read Jim’s statement!
“…the GAA from Counties Tyrone and Londonderry, and Armagh where the match was played, are among the most ardent in glorifying dead terrorists – the hurling club in Dungiven is named after hunger striker Kevin Lynch
; another hunger striker, Martin Hurson, is celebrated every year in Tyrone through a memorial cup named in his honour;
likewise in Armagh the Michael McVerry cup honours a terrorist shot while bombing Keady Police Station
; the Gerard and Martin Harte Memorial cup celebrates in Tyrone IRA brothers shot by the SAS
; the Loughgall bombers are celebrated with the Paddy Kelly cup played for in Dungannon
; the GAA Park in Dromintee, south Armagh is named after IRA members Jim Lochrie and Sean Campbell who were killed when a land mine exploded prematurely
; IRA members, Bateson, Sheridan, and Lee, who blew themselves up as they primed a bomb, intended for the centre of Magherafelt in the early 70s, have a yearly GAA event called after them in south Londonderry, where terrorist Francis Hughes has a trophy named after him.

.GAA = IRA? Yes, But A Broken Britain Won’t Mean An Expanded Eire! 

That was about TEN YEARS AGO, and the GAA seems not to have cleaned up its act.

Here’s what Kenny Donaldson, of Innocent Victims United, had to say about that vile ceremony, which was attended by the smirking Sinn Fein sow O’Neill.
“We try to encourage the broad Protestant and Unionist community to look at GAA in its’ widest context and what it means for many people participating ie sport and identity – however events like today don’t help in challenging perceptions”
“Peter Clancy, Hugh Gerard Coney and Brian Campbell were not heroes, nor were they martyrs. They were part of an insurrectionist movement; the objective being the overthrow of the Northern Ireland State and which included the murder of neighbours”.
“These men may have played Gaelic Games but this is not the issue, they are being remembered by their Gaelic club (Clonoe O’Rahilly’s) for their identity as members of the Provisional IRA hence the language ‘Vol’ and ‘Fallen Gaels.’
“Once again sport and politics has become entangled, what message is being sent out to today’s generation? Do the GAA leadership condone wilful misuse of their Games for this political purpose?”
“The presence of Michelle O’Neill at the unveiling of this Memorial will also again raise the question for many; how could she ever perform the role of First Minister (Northern Ireland’s symbolic head of State)
“GAA – A Sport for All? Not on this evidence”.