A NutMegh Nobel? The Ultimate Devaluation?.

Fans of Harry and Meghan are convinced the royal couple could be in the running for the Nobel Peace prize.


We have long been aware that the pinko klutzes who bestow Nobel Peace Prizes are less interested in ‘Peace’ than in promoting their left agenda.

Nobel Hog-Trough Closed To Patriots? Lucky Patriots! 

Obama got his before he’d even done anything as president!

And as for Santos?

Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – Nauseating Nobel Nonsense

But if Mental Health Meghan and Hapless Harry were to be similarly ‘honoured’ for their endless and self-important blatting….

Two More Know-All Pukes Join Joni & Neil!

Caller ID Blocked?” Maybe NutMegh’s Getting It! 

..perhaps we should welcome such a nonsense, for it would conclusively demonstrate the pointlessness of the “prize! “

Thanks to the Mirror, I have learned that there exists a ‘fan-club’ for the pathetic pair….


…which pretentiously calls itself ‘The Sussex Squad…’


…who have messaged royal journalist Richard Eden to celebrate the “news..”

I’d like to feel free to mock them for their credulity  – and their vacuity…



…for how else could they be ‘fans’ of the turgid twosome…



…but these days?

Who knows?

Besides, if it ain’t NutMegh and Hapless, it could be Ben & Jerry..