An Indian Devil? WFH In Jakarta?

Glad I only went out to buy hacon on Friday, because at least one of Jakarta’s main roads was crawling with fanatics.

The Indian Embassy is located on Jalan Rasuna Said, so a pack of angry sectarians were there, demanding to speak to diplomats about all that hijab stuff the BBC were ranting about a few weeks ago.

Isn’t this Islamophobia?

The quote above came from Oily, aka Mattthew Amwolliwolli, about, 00.10am Jakarta time,  10/2…


Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

…as the oleaginous UK Pravda pinko badgered an Indian spokesman about the scarfies in Karnataka.



That word, ‘Islamophobia,’ was of course deliberately created by Islamists to discourage any criticism of any aspect of their creed.

It was pathetic of the BBC to deploy it in any serious discussion, but malevolent Matthew’s other howler was nearly as absurd –

You can’t blame the media!”

Why ever not, when the media is biased, though perhaps not all the media are quite as rabidly biased as UK Pravda.

But worse than Oily by far was one of The BBC Coven, earlier on Wednesday, some shrew whom alas I can’t put a name to, for the simple reason my tv is currently malfunctioning.

Voice but no vision!

While I await an estimate for repair,, it’s almost like my childhood on the farm, before we bought a tv.

Anyway, the malfunction’s a blessing when BBC World Service has its Night-Hags on. .


So which shrew was on that night, I’m not sure, but she was a rude ratbag…

…constantly interrupting an Indian lady who, quite correctly, had explained to the BBC ignoramus what we have explained here VERY often…

‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

It’s on the BBCBag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

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…with their pretty heads uncovered, because the headscarf is NOT obligatory, but merely an affectation…

Fathers and husbands, their private parts are YOUR responsibility’

…that hijabs are not obligatory for Muslim women..

But yesterday’s mob would have been saying much the same as Oily – had there been anyone to say it too. The embassy staff were working from home!

“inside,we couldn’t find anyone inside, there was a devil, an Indian devil,” said one of the orators on the command car.
Pathetic, yeah?
But another fanatic, named as Novel Bakmukin, whom we have often had reason to mention…


Novel the Nice!


– “women already have limitations, let alone non- Muslims!”

…was there too, not, this time on behalf of rhe now-banned FPI…
…..the ‘Islam Defenders Front,’ famed for its blood-thirsty extremism.
Instead, he was present in his capacity as a leader of the PA212…the ludicrously self-styled “alumni” – read more about their previous downtown strolls here…

Howling Hate, Islamist Bigot Wishes Corona On India! 


Fanatics on the left, normal Indonesians on the right- a recent 212 demo in Jakarta!

Islamist Fanatics Rage At India – ‘Diskriminasi?’ Oya?’ 

…and make up your own minds.

But first take note of Novel the Nice’s words on the ‘many Indians here…’

And ask yourselves what the fanatic meant by this!

But if our brothers continue to be harassed there, we will not be silent, we will make calculations..