Another Jakarta Demo – By Nice Polite Muslims!

The Jajaka Nusantara masses hold a peaceful demonstration in front of the Indian Embassy
 Jajaka Nusantara’s peaceful demo

…and according to detik. com, they represented the Jawara Jaga Kampung, from Bekasi, one of Jakarta’s satellite cities, where, coincidentally, I lived for about 2 or 3 years, ages ago.

These Muslims could not have been more different in their approach, no weird ranting about any ‘Indian Devil!’

The demonstrators actually brought along a cow effigy, to show their respect for the animal revered by Hindus.

These Indonesian Muslims may have much the same concerns, about how their co-religionists are treated in India as those characters we wrote about 24 hours ago…



….but the demo coordinator, Aboy Maulana, made it clear they were in no way connected to the PA 212 mob.

Good on those Muslim guys who brought the cow to town.

They are a credit to their creed!