Darren ‘DIY Diversity’ Gough Prattles!

Much ado about Darren Gough taking over as some sort of generalissimo in Yorkshire, where a wholesale dismissal of Yorkshire staff took place.

Englishmen at cricket

He fails to condemn that unjust purge, saying only that it was tough on the victims but that he’s glad the Night of the Long Knives wasn’t up to him!

‘The club made the call to sack 16 people and on a human level I was concerned about that because I know quite a few of them,’ he says. ‘It was a massive decision and I have huge empathy for them.

‘I’ve spoken to a few and it was horrible but the club thought it was necessary in terms of the culture to make that call. I had nothing to do with it because I wasn’t here then and I wouldn’t have wanted to be part of that decision.

What does that even mean?

His reluctance to speak up on the morality of what was done to innocent employees – what the Hell had they done wrong?  – does make one wonder.

So he’s signing up to a project launched on the basis of injustice yet he has no opinion?


What’s gone on in cricket is frankly outrageous.  So much distress because one little whiner couldn’t take the banter!

On and on it goes, Gough talking about Gary Ballance as a puffed-up prefect might talk down to a wayward first-year high school kid.

.. we talked to Gary about his actions and behaviour. He understands and he’s educating himself.

How pathetic!

Will he get a diversity degree when he’s done educating himself, awarded by the Equality Commission, subject to taking graduation vows as below?

‘If I call a Scot a tight-fisted Jock, I will cut my tongue out!’ 

I will never address anyone from the island of Ireland as a Paddy!’

‘If I hear an Australian call anyone a Pom, I will remonstrate at once!’

‘I will call the police if I hear the P-Word!’


OMG, another one?

Who Volunteers For The Lubianka? 

DIY Brainwash Kits soon to be handed out at every sports club in the land?

He’s going to be part now of an inclusive and welcoming environment that we’re building at Yorkshire…

‘Inclusive and welcoming?’


Except, good sir, for those victims of the purge!