Belarus Using War To Dump Fake-‘Refugees?’

‘We’ve been told that some of them have made their way down here…

( into Poland from Ukraine) ”

That’s the illegals who ran amok a month or two ago, on The Belarus/Poland border!

Not a claim by any of us rightwing scare-mongers….



…but by the BBC, 3.30pm today ( Jakarta time) and that same UK Pravda voice went on to say the Poles were not stopping any of them.

A near impossible task, in the chaotic situation, with overwhelming numbers pouring in, real refugees, nothing like the savage primitives, crimmigrant mobs…


Video spreads in social networks - migrants storm barriers on the Belarusian-Polish border - Perild

Poles Defend Europe, EU Back-Stabs

…who stormed the Polish border late last year. .

Knowing how unscrupulous the Belarus regime is, and how authoritarian, we can rest assured that those fake-refugees…

– who, remember, paid big bucks to fly all the way from the Middle East to Minsk –

…intent on gate-crashing Western Europe via Poland, have been given a green light to head south… 

Eastern Europe Map

….by a very short distance, as you can see from the map, sneakily to blend in with those real refugees.

While Ukrainians indeed deserve sanctuary, every effort needs to be made to identify, detain and expel alien undesirables oozing down from Belarus.

And another reason why that louse Lukashenko should be targetted at least as seriously as Putin. .