Expanding Ursula’s Evil Empire!

You probably saw that shameless erstwhile ‘Christian Democrat’ hackette, Kaiserin Ursula, declaring that she wants her Fourth Reich…


…to expand eastwards, absorbing Ukraine.

If the idea is to protect that tormented land from external aggression, then NATO membership would be the logical step.


Hasil gambar untuk nato

NATO has more members, and its purpose is military, no pretensions to subjugating sovereignty in the evil ‘European Project!’


Whether that’s practical or desirable or not at present is open to debate.

But while individual countries currently within the EUSSR have armed forces of various sizes, there is, as yet, no EU Army.

If there were, God knows what might be done with it.



Mama may be gone, but her brutal hostility to countries that reflect the traditional values of Christendom lives on in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Coercion of Hungary and Poland would hardly be unthinkable!

The Ukrainian president appears to be singing loudly from the Brussels song-book, but Ukrainians need to understand that, while Russian aggression is a visibly horrific reality…


..the EUSSR is a real threat to the decencies extant in Ukrainian society, witness the vengeful vendettas waged on Ukraine’s neighbours, Poland and Hungary.

And witness the way Brussels bullied Ukraine itself…

Parliament adopts legislation banning discrimination against gay people in the workplace – a key condition for the European Union to ease travel restrictions


…only a few years ago, with Ukrainian MPs dragged back four times to their parliament until enough pressure was exerted to get enough votes for a queers’ charter.

So merely to win a deal on travel rules, Ukrainian employers lost the right to say no to deviants?

What kind of concessions would be wrung from any EU membership negotiation?..



The Kaiserin is currently hectoring Hungary, demanding that pervert material be introduced into school classrooms.

That would be the least of it!