ABC’s Q&A – So Much For The Free World!


A Q+A audience member has been slammed following a sensational blow up with ABC host Stan Grant over the Ukraine conflict.


ABC host Stan Grant has ejected a Q+A audience member in a sensational blow up over the Ukraine conflict. Image: ABC

Well, that’s true to some extent, as it’s easy for a shallow character like Stan Grant, to win lots of cheap hoorahs the way he did.

But I remember Question Time, broadcast in London, as Britain was fighting an indisputably just war to rescue the Falkland Islanders from a dictator’s aggression.

A young man rose to ask a question, introducing himself as a citizen of Argentina.

He was heard in silence.

Nobody screamed and shouted abuse at him.

The Question Time host, or was it hostess – that I don’t remember – certainly did not act like a Galtieri, or a Putin.

The man was not declared unwelcome, not banished from the studio.

The Argie was not ordered out, or ‘booted’ out, which makes both that 1980s audience – and that host – morally more gifted than those at Q&A, as one Australian site reports Grant decided to take action, booting the questioner in emotional scenes.


Another report is very revealing about how much free speech is allowed on that talk-show.

Once the man had left, Stan explained to the audience that the question the man asked hadn’t been vetted, apologising for what had happened.

NOT a good night on ABC!