Remember That Demonic Canadian Court?

  • Few will have forgotten that victimised Canadian father!

  • Jailed For Being A Good Dad!



  • Now there ‘s a similar case in the USA, not exactly the same as Robert Hoogland’s..

  • .
  • .

  • …but again involving a valiant dad fighting for his son, just as Hoogland was fighting for his daughter, and a judge whose position needs to be carefully examined..

  • Read this…

Within just a few months, Hiramoto would strip Ted of his parental rights. Ted lost the right to see or speak to Drew.

Ted also lost the power to stop a medical transition already planned by the gender doctors at UCSF Benioff Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic.


Judge Joni Hiramoto presided over the Hudacko case, but never disclosed that she is a mother to a transgender child herself.
Judge Joni Hiramoto


…but get this!

This grinning jackanapes of a judge ‘presided over the Hudacko case, but never disclosed that she is a mother to a transgender child herself….. ‘



….whose transition she publicly supported on social media.

Under ethical standards for judges, she almost certainly should have disclosed this.

But even had she recused herself, it might not have changed the outcome.

Gender activists now regularly provide “training” to family court judges in many states touting the purported benefits of gender medicine for kids….


…with little discussion of the risks or the existence of prominent critics within the medical community

Solidarity with decent Americans, not just like this victimised father…



…but those devoting time and energy to cleansing the courts of evil activists! 

PS – yes, of course it’s a California judge, but don’t think for a minute it couldn’t happen in a court near YOU!

For a much more detailed look at this case ..

Ted Hudacko Vs. Trans Totalitarianism