Free Tamara! Fire The Judge!

No apologies for sound the bugle again…

…but it needs to be heard!


Tamara Lich says Liberal judge should have recused herself


Looks like a scene from one of the occupied areas of Ukraine, some brave little woman facing two goons – but it’s Tamara Lynch, in Canada, who is now behind bars because a politically partisan hack…


See the source image

Liberal Party hack, now exalted as a judge – Julie Bourgeois


…now having advanced into judge’s robes, refused to grant the harmless lady the bail that even rough and hardened criminals stand a chance of getting.


I’m borrowing an image found by my friend who scouts around Zuckwit’s FB on my behalf. Somebody is asking that letters of support be sent to Tamara and the other political prisoners there.


May be an image of text that says 'Ottawa-Carleton Carleton Detention Centre 2244 Innes Rd, Gloucester, ON K1B 4C4, Canada 0 Priority Mail Express Services orrectional Mecional Ontanto ttawa Carleton Detention Centre -Offender Unit Rue 22'

Who knows but that lousy leftist judge may be forced to reverse the bail diktat, but if not, why not send a greetings card?