Will Biden Save Bestial ‘Asylum-Seeker’ Tsarnaev?

Wonderful and wise, the decision by the Supreme Court, that the sectarian ‘asylum-seeker’ scumbag convicted for what Justice Clarence Thomas correctly called  ‘heinous crimes…’


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Boston Bomb Pig


…whose protection by legalice we have discussed more than once.


Boston Marathon Bomb – Why’s Scumbag Still Breathing? 

…and who has accordingly for years and years been enjoying three squares a day at American tax-payers’ expense….


America is now enabled to put Tsarnaev down like the rabid dog he is.



As Justice Thomas says…

“The Sixth Amendment nonetheless guaranteed him a fair trial before an impartial jury. He received one…”


So he should be executed ASAP.

Unless, of course, Back-Stab Biden uses his presidential powers of commutation, to save the swine’s neck.

We wait and see.