Using Ukraine To Exploit Racial Animosity!

We have already noticed double standards in responses to the war, with indignant gasps at the Russian ban on Zuckwit’s Meta aka Facebook, while the Fourth Reich bans Sputnik and RT.

And of course that contemptible ABC ass Stan Grant must have delighted Putin, a propaganda gift, that crass expulsion of the Russian lad….

ABC’s Q&A – So Much For The Free World! 

….who defended his country on the ABC talk-show where we now know questions are ‘vetted’ and dissenters are ordered to leave the studio!

But I hear the braying jackass idolised by every BLM racist, “Reverend” Al…

BBC’s Bowes Blind To Sharpton Truth? 

George Floyd family lawyer, Attorney Ben Crump (L) and Rev. Al Sharpton, outside the Hennepin County Government Center (51083634737) (cropped).jpg


…has weighed in, reductio ad absurdum, somehow managing to equate the terrifying scenes we see daily from Ukraine with honest Americans’ efforts to keep elections honest!

Sharpton: America’s ‘Voting Emergency’ Is a Threat to Democracy Like Ukraine Invasion

‘Friggin’ Fool!’ I hear you say?

But no, he’s no fool.


Just about everything he says and does is calculated, to appeal to the worst animosities that exist in his country.