A Hundred More Fakers? Prosecute Priti Useless!

Nearly 100 lying aliens ‘brought ashore in Dover’ by members of the ‘Border Force’ responsible for prevention of illegal alien incursions?



So ‘the Home Office has confirmed.’

And Home Secretary Priti Patel takes no disciplinary a tion, no announcement that she’ll immediately dismiss the BF drips?

She is a Minister of the Crown.

Maybe she can’t be bothered to act directly against the RNLI ‘charity’ which collaborated in this latest ‘Operation Gate-crash.’

But Patel has a duty to safeguard the realm. She pays her Border Force flunkeys to guard the maritime border against intruders.

They have not done so.

In fact her minions have subverted UK security by importing undesirables…



…fake-‘refugees,’ liars who are ‘fleeing’ a safe country.

Patel should be impeached!



Full report   – https://www.gbnews.uk/news/rnli-and-border-force-bring-99-people-to-safety-as-they-cross-english-channel/240975