TV License – French Fake News?

Much of the media reporting on Le Muppet Macron’s pledge to end the broadcating license fee is unfortunately misleading.

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However, The Local has it just about right, and usefully names most of the channels, viz.

France Télévisions, Radio France, Arte – and France Médias Monde, which includes channels such as France 24, and RFI.


France24, or should we call it Media Merde?

France24’s Big Lie! 

Macron presented the measure in the middle of a series of proposals to support purchasing power, such as tripling the “Macron bonus”, without charges or taxes.

Grubbing for votes with disengenuous rhetoric, a habit not unique to Le Muppet.

Valérie Pécresse, Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour have already announced their intention to abolish the TV licence – but while some have said they intend privatise some or all of France’s public service ... 

Le Pen and Zemmour almost certainly would slap the biased media, like France24, off the tax trough…



…this does not seem to be in Macron’s plans.

“Privatising public broadcasting is in no way the project that is ours, the project of candidate Emmanuel Macron,” LREM MP Aurore Bergé told France Info after Macron’s town hall event had ended….

.“The question is to manage to secure a perennial financing, probably on the State budget.. . “

In other words, much like Britain’s fake-conservative government, which has been weaselling back and forth…

Told You So! Spectacular Nadine U-Turn! 

In a screeching U-turn, longtime Auntie-basher Nadine Dorries is reduced to tears by the BBC

…most recently with Nadine U-Turn Dorries’ pathetic performance!

Macron promises to axe France’s TV licence if he is re-elected