Turdo’s Flunkeys Turn To Book-Burning!

There’s nothing so abhorrent as book-burning, even if the books are taken out of circulation, made inaccessible, by means other than that preferred by Hitler’s fans.


Germany, 1930s, Canada 2022?


And surely the vilest of book-burners are those whose professional duty is to publish and/or to protect books.

Here in Indonesia we have yet to get an apology from that Gramedia company, who collaborated with sectarian bigots a few years ago to create a bonfire of books that offended ignoramuses…

Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

….nor has the so-called ‘liberal’ Jakarta Post (English-language) ever had the decency or integrity to condemn their Gramedia buddies for that cultural crime.

But now we learn that some far-left vixen, Leslie Weir by name, in Canada…


=Canada's head archivist appoints herself censor-in-chief



…appointed, of course, by pretty Boy Turdo, is aiming to wage war on Canadian history because it might ‘offend’ whiners and agitators…


…especially by depicting Red Indians in ways other than those that soothe their resentments.

chief archivist Leslie Weir told employees at Library and Archives Canada to purge thousands of pages, including a biography of Canada’s first prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald. 

“We need to discuss having a disclaimer on the website about having content that may offend people. I feel very strongly about that,” Weir said in an email on June 9, 2021. 


It’s not her job to decide what might offend whom, nor should it matter.

If the archives contain photocopies of her huge pay-check, typical of those that tax-funded bureaucrats hog into…



…$250,000 a year, nearly, then that would certainly offend me, or pictures of her revelling…


…in the hospitality of the world’s largest dictatorship (see the linked reports) – offensive indeed, but it’s NOT her job to censor,  esp.  if it’s done according to her supercilious woko-loco ideology.



Nor should there be ‘disclaimers’ – it’s high time some whining uptights got offended.’

What an arrogant old baggage! 

“Much of the content on the Library and Archives Canada website reflects the time at which it was written.


Wow! Funny that!


We understand much of this outdated historical content no longer reflects today’s context and may be offensive to many. 

And NOT offensive to many others. But who cares about those who hold different perspectives from hers?

So what, if there’s material that vexes Injun activists, or their non-Injun fellow-travellers. 


Time some pinko dweebs got round to growing up!

Weir’s criteria for offensive history included any page that erased Indigenous people, had “outdated terminology,” and anything that “lacked Indigenous perspectives and/or that ignores or dismisses the impact of colonialism.” 


Get stuffed.

Without ‘the impact of colonialism,’ there would be no Canada.


Every Canadian should thank God every day for those brave pioneers.