London Faces April Vermin Plague!

After reading how the far-left fanatics of Hate-Not-Hope are frothing at the mouth….

UK Reds Rage At Democracy!

Ooops, they oddly call themselves ‘Hope-Not-Hate!’

…because rightwing Brits are exercising their democratic rights in perfectly legitimate ways, there seems to be a deafening HNH silence about a brand-new threat, from THE LEFT…


…to stage a full-frontal assault on British citizens’ welfare and freedom.

No HNH criticism so far reported by their fellow far-lefts of ‘Extinction Rebellion.



No idle threat, either, because we have seen in the recent past that police in the UK have oftimes seemed inept –

– or even irresponsible…

London Cops Legitimise Stinkos’ “Important Cause!” 


…when faced with similar threats by the X-Stinko scum, who…


‘Extinction Rebellion’


‘...plan to block oil refineries next month to take a stand against fossil fuels

Not content with what is effectively economic sabotage in war-time…



…the scum are boasting that they’ll follow up their blockades with moves to  ‘”flood” London with people to create their largest number of roadblocks and cause “maximum disruption”.

The Metropolitan Police MUST be, as said here before, armed to the teeth, truncheons, tasers, tear-gas….

Tear gas works!

…and rubber bullets too, if need be, to teach the swine a lesson they won’t forget.



Such a robust response is all the more essential since the courts have proven unfit for purpose..

K’s Selfish Stinkos Acquitted – Another Anti-Justice Jury! 

No doubt the media Enemy Within…

…will rant and rave if effective vermin control is activated, but normal decent Brits will surely cheer.