Hapless & NutMegh Think…! Truly?

Harry and Meghan add voices to fierce critique of west’s Covid vaccine policies

Pair join Gordon Brown and 126 others in attack on ‘self-defeating nationalism, pharmaceutical monopolies and inequality


So the Guardian tells us!

Gordon Brown is no hero of mine, but he was UK Prime Minister, so can be presumed to know a bit more than what he gets….



….from UK Pravda, and/or the Guardian.

But why would ANYBODY regard the opinions of those two self-righteous, self-important strutting buffoons as in any way more significant…


Garbage man down the streets of the capital
Garbage man, as smart as any Sussex


…than that of the guy who cleans our streets, or his buddy who sells food from his cart as he meanders round my komplek every mid-morning.

Perhaps the ex-royals do think sometimes, before they open their big gobs.

But why should it be headlines?