Get Britain Out? A Duty Not Yet Fulfilled!

If there is one group of people in the UK whom patriots should distrust, it has to be the so-called ‘civil servants,’ who think they are so far above party politics…

….that decisions via the ballot-box should not be allowed to obstruct their agenda.

This is nothing new…

 I quote from ‘Fairweather Friends,’ a short polemic I penned after the Falklands War (long since out of print, alas!)


Obituary: Sir Teddy Taylor, Conservative MP and Eurosceptic | The Scotsman


Having heard the late Sir Teddy Taylor speak at Westminster, not in a Commons debate, but outside the chamber, I asked and got his permission to report his wordsHe had resigned from the Heath Government in 1971 because of his disagreement with Common Market membership.

The patriotic Scot seemed to share the man in the street’s bafflement at the mind-set of the mandarins.

But he tried to analyse it.

Speaking of the ‘horrific pressure’ exerted on himself and other dissidents, he made no bones of the ‘fanatical’ attitudes which existed within the F.O., lodged in the minds of those who, ‘frustrated by the loss of Britain’s Great Power status,’ believed they ‘could manipulate their way into the big time’ by getting politicians to take us and keep us in Europe.

  • foreign-office-logo
  • He identified their motive as a ‘thirst for power.’
  • To this end, they were quite prepared to sacrifice awkward Britons in the Falklands or Ulster so as not to make Britain unpopular with her Euro-partners in the prospective Third Force to which they aspired as a ‘balance between America and the Soviet Union.’
  • The mandarins, Taylor said, wanted Britain to be ‘liked’ or even ‘loved’ so that they could continue to play a major role on the world stage. They just could not adjust to our reduced status, because it impaired their self-esteem, as the elite of the government service…. 

An arresting final quote from Taylor – he had, he stated, seen ‘excellent men take up office at the F.O. holding sound views but ‘within a few months they would be brainwashed.’

…but if Brits are not reminded of the foul flunkeys’ record, many will forget, as the news-cycle rushes by.

Fortunately, Get Britain Out’s Jane Adye has issued an excellent reminder this week.

Even prior to the Ukraine crisis escalating, Liz Truss had only met with her opposite number in the negotiations, the EU Commission Vice-President, Maroš Šefčovič, five times. 

Every single meeting resulted in next to no movement and they have not met for a single time since the crisis began.

So instead of having elected officials in the room for the other meetings held for the rest of the time, we are instead left to be represented by unelected civil servants in these negotiations, the majority of whom have never backed Brexit in the first place.

In this scenario, how can we expect any success in achieving what we voted for in the EU Referendum in 2016?


Despite Tory ministers’ pretensions to being conservative, the woko-creeps in their ministries implement deviant practices.

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Although we know that there’s many a lousy left-lib ‘Conservative’ minister who’s totally along for the woke ride! 

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Get Britain Out does great work.

But putting pressure on Jellyfish’s janissaries may not be good enough to get the Fourth Reich off Ulster’s neck.

A cleansing of the Whitehall sty is a prerequisite.