Bog Obsession – Strasbourg Slugs Emulate UK Pravda!

Remember our famous headline, which apparently upset a number of maladjusted BBC berks?


Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

Well, now it seems the Strasbourg Slugs, aka MEPs, are follwing UK Pravda’s example, preferring to focus on where sexually confused persons are to pee, etc., rather than on the war raging in Ukraine.

Not all MEPs are a waste of space.

Some have sense, like Annika Bruna, who is one of Marine Le Pen’s gallant band of patriots…..


And she has spelt out the response of sane people in every land towards the absurd and irresponsible behaviour of the EUSSR in-crowd.

“Does the European Parliament has nothing else to do, nothing else to spend taxpayers’ money on than to provide gender-neutral toilets?” Bruna asked in the video.

“As representatives of the National Rally, we think there are plenty of more important problems to solve for the French and the Europeans. Clearly, we voted against this motion.”

While war rages in Ukraine, European Parliament votes on gender-neutral toilets

Once again, a word of thanks to Remix News, which does a first-class job of gathering news that the pinko creeps at the BBC…



…would rather we not know anything about.