UK Beware! Alien Parasite Fakers Posing As Ukrainians?

I always find Remix News worth reading, not least because the news it supplies is often – shockingly – absent from the lousy left-liberal media.

I certainly haven’t seen any mention on the BBC….



…of what Remix reveals – no fake-news; it’s backed up by the famous French newspaper, Le Figaro.

It turns out that no less a liberal icon than Le Muppet Macron’s Prime Minister has reminded us that over 5000 ‘asylum seekers’ had now arrived in France since Putin’s War began.

  • But of that total, ‘many of those arriving through official channels and being identified by the authorities are non-Ukrainian, with Le Figaro reporting that as many as 30 percent are migrants of other nationalities.

The newspaper reveals that 7.5 percent are of Algerian nationality, while 3.5 percent of arrivals are from the Ivory Coast and Morocco respectively.


The French, like the British, are already over-burdened with illegal aliens who are a blight on the country they have oozed into.

Macron’s feeble handling of savages is as bad as that of his socialist predecessor….

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…and the consequences of allowing French cities to be colonised by ingrates are known around the world.

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Boot the Blighters BACK!


And read the rest of that report!