Bad Dreams Are Made Of This – Galina Collabo, Beware!

So Russia has installed a new ‘mayor’ in one of the Ukrainian cities seized, Melitopol.

Screen capture from video showing Galina Danilchenko, a former city council member in the Ukrainian city of Melitopol who Russia installed as its mayor after reportedly arresting the elected council leader, March 12, 2022. (Twitter)

Danilchenko discussed her current ambitions with the city in her appointment video. She stated that her major responsibility was to acquaint the city with the “new reality to live in a new way as fast as possible and take all necessary efforts to return the city to normal.” ‘

The invaders kidnapped the real mayor and, evidently deeming support for defence of one’s country an act of ‘terror,’ is blabbering irrationally about charges against the quisling’s brave predecessor.

Galina Danilchenko should think back to the origin of the word quisling, the name of a Norwegian collaborator, and how he ended up.



Citizens are bravely demonstrating in the streets, demanding the return of the real mayor.

In Kiev, Zelensky has said collaborators ‘will not be forgiven.’


That puppet ‘mayor’ should be made to wake up from nightmares each morning and go through each day perspiring in the Ukrainian winter, watching her every step for fear of patriot vengeance.