Unlike Picador’s Pukes, This Guy’s A Real Publisher!

We spotlighted the lame-brain woko-censorshop cabal at Picador last month…

…uptight mush-noggins…absurdly described as a team of experts…assembled by Picador to “detect and reform” the “problematic racism and ableism” in her work.

… when we looked at Kate Clanchy’s surrender to PC whiners….

Catching Up With Cop-Out Clanchy!

..so this month it’s pleasing to read about a man who understands what real publishing is all about.

Cancel culture’s biggest foe: the man publishing books the mainstream won’t touch

Tony Lyons has published books for and against Trump; books by pro- and anti-vaccine experts; even a Woody Allen memoir.

What next?


I don’t know!

Skyhorse Publishing
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Official website http://www.skyhorsepublishing.com


But I think his open-minded approach will see his business thrive!

And if the notorious hate-group, the SPLC, have snarled at him….

. …he deserves a bit of sympathetic coverage.