Vox Advances, Left Hypocrites Fume!

Hard to believe that just a few years ago I was puzzled by the non-appearance of a powerful patriot party in Spain, while other European countries were producing excellent parties prepared to square up to the crimmigrant crisis.


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Then along came Vox!


Now splendid news from the important Spanish region of Castilla y León, where excellent election results are likely to be translated into a coalition deal, with Vox getting into government for the first time, taking ‘the regional vice-presidency, three regional ministries and the speakership of the  parliament.’

Good news in itself, it has additionally highlighted the arrant hypocrisy of the leftist Spanish Socialist Workers’ party (PSOE), whose dreadful Prime Minister we have noticed all too often.

The PSOE is beside itself with fury at the region’s centrist party, the People’s Party, for dalliance with the ‘far-right.’

Yet the very same PSOE holds power in Madrid ONLY due its own coalition with what even the Guardian describes as ‘the far-left Unidas Podemos alliance.’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/10/spain-far-right-vox-regional-government-castilla-y-leon-peoples-party-deal

In rare agreement with the Guardian, I offer a few reminders of exactly how RABIDLY left Podemos is.

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And to end this on a cheery note, a reminder of how pleased I was when I took that Guardian questionnaire and…

…I was deemed most dissimilar to the Podemos leader…

You’re least similar to:
Pablo Iglesias
Leader of Podemos


And I was delighted to discover that I was MOST similar to Hungary’s heroic Viktor Orban!