Does BBC Have ANY Real Reporters In Washington DC?

We know that UK Pravda has more than a few highly paid hacks and hackettes in the USA.

BBC gabbling was at its most off-putting when they were collaborating with their U.S. counterparts to put Biden in the White House.

Pretty Nurse Faces Down BBC Inquisitors! 

So they have plenty of media contacts over there.

They even boast of their ‘partnership’ with something called the ‘Public Broadcasting System…’

….giving them even less excuse for learning of, and telling viewers on BBC World Service about, the appalling record of  the woman Biden wants to impose on the Supreme Court!



Fortunately, not all media in the USA are keen on cover-ups.

Read on, and shudder!

Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson walks.
 Ketanji Brown Jackson


She sounds abhorrent to me, but maybe not to some people in high places.

However, please note, the BBC kept us ALL in the dark.,