BBC’s Bitter Bias – Anti-Bojo Or Anti-Brexit?

Fake News Warning! 


Ukraine war: Boris Johnson wins applause after comparison to Brexit

Actually, although there’s no doubt much of his audience DID applaud (Tory conferences always applaud a Tory PM!) the far-left UK Pravda hacks chose to ignore that reality..


..and grubbed about for the likes of Lord Bramwell ( wtf’s he?)  and Turncoat Tusk….

Cancel Brexit?’ Arrogant, Ignorant Turn-Coat Tusk! 

Biden with EUSSR notables, including the Polish Turn-Coat Tusk – Two of a Kind?


…to justify a headline in line with their ideological agenda.

What else do you expect from UK Pravda hacks who sponge on coerced British tv license money?


Ukraine war: Boris Johnson sparks fury after comparison to Brexit


Personally, I have no time for Jellyfish Johnson.

He’s no conservative, nor has he fulfilled the Brexit promises.

But the brazen way the BBC creates biased headlines is intolerable.

Defund the Curs!