Green Nazis Poised For Power? Re-Partition!

“Current polls suggest there could be a Sinn Fein Taoiseach in the Republic of Ireland and a Sinn Fein First Minister of Northern Ireland after the next round of elections… “


That’s a painful but, sadly, not unrealistic assessment, delivered by the DUP leader this weekend.
He’s not a man I’d trust to stick to principle…


Sir Jeffrey Donaldson
DUP Leader Jeffrey Donaldson

Rainbow Sashes Next? DUP Defects! 

….but he’s not wrong about this.

It moves me to reassert my previous calls for ALL Ulster Brits loyal to their heritage to come together and tell the world, more particularly their enemies at home –

. .

Gambar terkaitSinn Fein Fuhrerin Mary Lou McDonald. – She understood that it was necessary, she told a documentary some years ago, to take up arms against the British state


 – Sinn Fein’s Green Nazis – and in London and Dublin – that a border poll won by the disloyals..

( due to their irresponsible breeding habits and the effects of terrorist genocide on the percentage of Brits in Ulster’s population)

. . would immediately be denounced, a denunciation accompanied by a call for…

Self-Determination For Ulster Brits!

Ulster’s borders have ebbed and flowed over the centuries.
We’ve discussed before what bits and pieces might need to be let go…

Candlewick Bedspreads?’ Ulster Brits V Eire Expansionism!

….if any ‘border poll’ results in a majority for the Enemy Within, then the minority, who possess, by any definition…



…a distinct national identity, must be entitled to a homeland, secure within a redefined border….

….that border redrawn to get rid of the treacherous Fifth Column in areas like Crossmaglen…

.…and expulsion of the enemy aliens in Belfast’s Sinn Fein-voting ghettos and similar cesspools like the Bogside in Londonderry.
They never shut up about their desire to live under Eire’s tricolour flag.

Grant them that wish.


….and also how disloyals should be handled.