In Germany, Ukrainians No Safer Than German Girls?

The callous indifference of German courts towards crimes committed by asylum scum…

They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

….is infamous.

The German authorities, under the current coalition as much as under Mama Stasi Merkel, certainly have a lot to answer for….



…with hundreds of thousands of primitives imported, unvetted, and only a tiny percentage of undesirables deported.

But what the Hell has the Ukrainian government been up to?

We need to ask after a young Ukrainian lady was reportedly raped after fleeing her homeland, in a German facility for refugees.

The alleged assailants, aged 37 and 26, are from Iraq and Nigeria but also hold Ukrainian citizenship,   Bild reported

Wejj done, the Daily Mail, for those key details, suppressed by the left-run Associated Press…

…which require us to ask if Ukraine’s been handing out passports to every which alien who might ask for them?