Arrogant ‘Charities’ War On UK Shoppers!

You’d think the latest Guardian headline would be cause for general rejoicing.



With all the stories about Brits finding it hard to make ends meet, a better verb might surely be ‘praised…’



But instead, in the pinko rag’s ‘Exclusive,’ we read that a pack of moaning minnie ‘charities’ have ganged up to bitch about good meat deals for hard-up Brits.

Charity says big four chains offer scores of deals every week, despite pledging to promote meat-free eating.’




It’s not just one ‘charity’ that’s out to deprive you and yours of a decently balanced and affordable diet.


Don’t know if Aussies are facing similar sticky-beak threats to their meat pies, but it’s entirely possible!


Eating Better‘ is an ‘umbrella group representing more than 60 organisations including WWF UK, Greenpeace, public health bodies, dietitians, the RSPCA and food charities… ‘

The arrogance of these uppity gits is sublime.


.The impact of this is that we’re eating more meat than we need, or is good for us.’


Who the HELL do they think they are?

How dare they use that royal ‘We’ – talking down to us…

…like louche lords condescending to peasants!

There’s a lot more elitist condescension in this nauseating report that will infuriate normal people…



….including Jellyfish Johnson’s “climate change committee, ” exposed as another anti-meat collaborator.

Make sure you serve up a brilliant breakfast tomorrow morning ..

…including bacon and sausages, of course, then make a list of these nosey-parker naggers.


RSPCA official charity logo

Brits need to make sure they never again donate a penny to these insolent uppity turds!

PS – the inspiration for this meddling in normal households is said to be ‘childhoid obesity!”

If you’re worried about Little Tubby, take him or her down to the park after school and have a kick-about.