Dotard’s Clean-Up Crew Swing Into Action!

Well, we all saw and heard The Dotard today.




Putin ‘Cannot Remain In Power!’

Given how he is unclear about so much, not least his wayward lad’s laptop….

….it was almost impressive to get such an unequivocal, unambiguous call for removal of the Russian leader….


But hold on there, folks.

His White House clean-up crew lost no time and earned their big bucks.

POTUS, they ‘clarified,’ was –

Not A Call For Regime Change!’

Even UK Pravda and Al Jazeera confirmed my view that ‘regime change’ was exactly what it sounded like.

Maybe it is a fine idea.

Or not.

But how fares NATO when its leading member-state’s ‘leader’ has to be monitored and corrected when vital war aims are discussed.