Good For Will Smith!

Having already touched on the absurd Oscars…

…despite my disinclination to waste time on the affront to democratic values – awards bestown on self-regarding celebrities…

Lady Gaga hingga Youn Yuh Jung Bakal Jadi Presenter Oscar 2022

…by fellow-members of the show-biz ‘elite’ in which the paying public get no vote!

…I now have to return briefly to Hollywood…


Will Smith tampar Chris Rock di Panggung Oscar. Will Smith menjadi trending di media sosial setelah dirinya menampar komedian Chris Rock di panggung Academy Awards.
Will Smith
Video caption,Best actor winner Will Smith took offence at a joke by presenter Chris Rock

…to applaud Will Smith.

I don’t know much about that black actor, though seem to recall he was fun to watch in those action sci-fi comedies he did with Tommy Lee Jones.

Today’s BBC news showed him taking a quite effective swing…

…at some MC bum who took the mick about Smith’s wife’s medical condition.


At any time, that would merit a sock on the kisser.

Before a worldwide tv audience?

Good on ya, Will!

PS – predictably, UK Pravda was awful.
The first report I saw brought in an American ‘show-biz expert’ almost crying about Smith’s admirable move, which inexplicably upset him.
And hour later, 5pm Jakarta time, they had a woman, more balanced about the sock, but wittering about the ‘politics of black women’s hair,’ for pity’s sakes!