CBC = BBC? Whites May Not Complain?

True Brits must show solidarity with decent Canadians, both coerced by bad governments into paying through the nose for tax-funded propaganda ‘public broadcasters….’



….who have no scruples whatsoever about ideologising their effluent.

We have taken an interest in this subject before…


Why? Evil Embraced Yet Again By The CBC

The CBC in Canada has long been infested with far-left bigots, but how about this latest outrageous canard, that British Canadians can’t complain about ‘racism’  if their heritage is demeaned?


Canada’s coat of arms


The rant came from one of CBC’s leftist directors, justifying her ignorant outburst by quoting a definition spouted by an equally far-left ‘NGO,’ and it’s a crass insult, not only to Canadians with UK roots but to every Canadian of European descent.



NB – whilst we may regard the issue of ‘racism’ in general as a kind of obessive/compulsive disorder afflicting certain mentally delicate people, please note that the CBC even appears unaware of the more rational definition of ‘racism’ in the ‘rights’ legal structure.


Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion Logo.png


Most people in Canada have probably never heard of the self-styled ‘Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion,’ which even has the nerve to issue, and charge serious money for, ‘certificates’ attesting what grand little wokers the recipients truly are.

So it needs to be exposed!

But it is of supreme importance that we turn the spotlight on what it calls its Employer Partners?..


Read the list, call out the collabo companies…


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….who are thus very much part of the Enemy Within, subsidising this ‘charitable’ band of propagandist sticky-beaks…



….and consider how best to tackle Big Biz wokery, whether by boycott or by share-holder mobilisation!



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CBC says racism against white people “doesn’t exist”