Filthy Savages? More ‘Child’ Migrant News!

The two suspects previously escaped from a juvenile detention center. Due to their age, the case will be handled by the prosecutor’s office for minors

The same old questions keep coming up.

How do savage parasites, of all ages, get into a civilised country?

If they’re being arraigned as ‘minors…’



…the Fourth Reich’s sicko rules, indifferent, condescending and offensive to member-states’ national sovereignty…


…will prevent their deportation.

How long till Italy wakes up?

I really don’t want to go into the details of the disgusting assaults with which these alien ‘minors’ in Italy are charged.

If you want more details, they are available via the least nk above.

As usual, our thanks to Remix, who picked up the story from a major local news outlet.

Needless to say, no sign of it on the BBC.