Kick The Pro-Freaks’ Snouts Off The Trough!

We wrote several times….

Evil Freaks Claim A Fresh Victim. 

Sackur V Professor Stock? A Revelation! 

Kathleen Stock on Rebel Wisdom.jpg

Hirsi Ali? Professor Stock’s In Good Company! 

….about the transfreak witch-hunt against Professor Stock, and few would disagree that her treatment was deplorable.

What made it worse was that, while maladjusted ‘students’ were to blame for some of the shocking misbehaviour…


…her own union branch – ostensibly ‘grown-ups’ taking salaries as ‘teaching staff’ – was in on the campaign to intimidate her out of her job.

Clearly such scum should have been fired, but instead we read that those vile drips are an object of adulation among the in-crowd of their ‘representative’ organisation!

Now the national UCU is set to hear a motion calling for the Sussex branch to be 'congratulated'. The praise is for the group's 'solidarity' with students protesting against 'gender critical views'. Pictured: The UCU congress list on trans rights

Check out what Professor Stock says  –

‘My former trade union has a motion at congress proposing to ‘congratulate Sussex UCU for their solidarity with student protests against “gender critical views”.’

– about the agenda of the University and College Union (UCU)’s annual conference!

If the proposers of this resolution are salaried ‘teachers’ – and since that’s who the union purports to represent – then it’s time to get their dirty snouts off the trough.

Whichever university or college they work for should dismiss them…

  • …for bringing disgrace on whatever ‘educational institution’ that employs the brutes.