Arrogant Argie Rant? Where Else But The Guardian?

The issue of the Falkland Islands was settled properly 40 years ago….

….when invaders from Argentina were soundly thrashed and expelled from the British territory they’d briefly occupied.

The population, British by birth and allegiance, were delighted.

So were the British back home…


…who recognised Maggie Thatcher’s heroic success in defeating squalid imperialist adventurism.

End of a glorious story.

But not for the Guardian.

That leftist rag this weekend affords the defeated enemy a chance to strut his stuff, 40 years on.

No Argentine government will cease in its pursuit of our sovereign claim

Santiago Cafiero, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, just hasn’t got the message. 

...we must be aware that without a frank and constructive dialogue regarding the South Atlantic…


The UK should slap on a few sanctions.

And also stop wasting tax-payers’ money on the UN…



…which has been deliberately encouraging the recalcitrance of one government after another in Buenos Aires, as Senor Cafiero makes crystal clear!