Good News – France24 Defeated In Hungarian Election!

France 24 and RFI are what you might call symbiotic subversive services.

We noticed their common leech status previously…

TV License – French Fake News? 

….snouts dug deep in French tax-payers’ pockets.

We don’t get RFI where I am…




….but F24, in contrast, we get too altogether too much of…

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…its ineradicable glaring  left bias!


They work happily together to denigrate their objects of antipathy.

As noted yesterday, when F24’s hackette in Budapest horrified one of my loyal readers by throwing everything except the kitchen sink at Orban.


Hungary’s Orban


Quote from the notes –

Orban ‘will continue to erode democracy.’
His opponent is a ‘moderate conservative. ‘

( NB  this ‘moderate conservative’ is Peter Marki-Zay, whose ‘conservatism’ may be measured by his eagerness to repeal the child protection law ‘that has drawn condemnation by human rights groups and Brussels.’

Some conservative! Wants to let perv propaganda into schools?

The shrill hackette droned on…

‘The campaign has been used to libel and slander the opposition.
‘They are basically spreading lies.’

Not a whisper from this arrant partisan about the news we covered yesterday!

As Election Day Dawns, Massive Left Lawlessness Exposed! 


One might have wondered if she was one of those Soros-funded Helsinki Committee agitprop ‘activists…’

Un-Elected ‘NGOs’ Want YOUR Cash To Fight Elected Governments!

…being interviewed by France24.


Florence La Bruyère

But not so, she was very clearly named as Florence La Bruyere, an RFI correspondent, when she stopped raving.

Nor did the French state media stop partisan reporting after Orban’s knock-out victory – some pinko F24 creep reported that the well-hammered opposition leader had only had one tv slot to ‘refute the falsehoods’ of the winners…



….no opportunity given to Orban supporters to challenge the claim that they used ‘falsehoods’ to win, nor any mention of the scandal described yesterday…


…the Left’s tactics clearly exposed!.