BBC -Should ‘We’ Imprison World Leaders?

Stunning arrogance!

That’s the only way I can describe the presumptuous, authoritarian BBC hack Chris Rogers… 


Chris Rogers - BBC News Presenter (5)

Chris Rogers


…this morning, as he interviewed aome climate panic bint.

I didn’t catch her name, because her sort are ten a penny, and I was busy composing my earlier post on Elon Musk’s Twitter buy….

…but I was paying enough attention to hear Rogers adopt the ‘royal WE,’ as if he were speaking on behalf of his worldwide audience.

If world leaders don’t heed your directives, Rogers snarled, what should we do?



State broadcasters don’t get to do tbat.

I do, as it’s my blog and you don’t pay for the delights I serve up.

But UK Pravda has a charter obligation to maintain impartiality….



..and while it pays scant respect to that duty, today’s partisan rant was truly shocking.

He’s NOT entitled to speak for anyone.


He’s a hack paid from coerced taxation….


…like every BBC flunkey..

For whom  then, was he anointing himself as spokesman, or aspiring jailer-in-chief?