Attention! UK ‘Human Rights’ Lawyer FINED £25,000!

Nobody, you’d surmise, who subscribes to our blog, is a fan of ‘human rights’ lawyers!’

Although that conclusion may be wrong.

A few pinko creeps DO subscribe, to keep an eye on me.

And indeed, there may be a few ‘human rights’ lawyers who are not rabid leftists.

However, I’m only focusing on one ‘human rights’ lawyer to day, who has just had a salutory fine imposed on her….


Karen todner

Todner – ‘ whose clients include the so-called ‘Pentagon Hacker’ Gary McKinnon…

….but there’s precious little media attention to Karen Todner,’ or to her punishment, nor to what I regard as her remarkable reaction to what I’d have thought might be a lesson to be learned.

Read all about it, here.