Peculiar BBC Jobs, Created On Whose Authority?

We were looking at one of the many off-putting BBC items sent in for our perusal ( and possible satirisation!) when it occurred to us that THIS – the ‘credits..’

…might be more worthy of readers’ attention.

What qualifications, precisely, are required of applicants for such exacting work?

Exactly how many such ‘specialist’ employees have been added to the UK Pravda pay-roll in the past five/ten/fifteen years?

Bad enough the tax-funded propaganda club wasted money on weirdo toilets….


Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

…..but which director general introduced such oddly wokish employment categories?

Were all you Brits coerced into paying tv licenses…

…informed that your money was going to be thus gaily frittered away?