Will New Judge Be As ‘Fair & Balanced’ As BBC?

This is a really joyous day!’

Thus UK Pravda’s guest about 8am ( Jakarta time) today.

Sonia Gipson Rankin of the University of New Mexico, who gushed extensively for several minutes about how wonderful that abominable leftist…

Dotard’s Judge? A Soft Spot For Evil? 

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson arrives for her confirmation hearing on March 21.
Ketanji Brown Jackson chose leniency even in baby sex torture cases

…truly is – oh, and Sonia is an ex-president of the New Mexico Black Lawyers’ Association!

Needless to say, there was no spokesperson from the New Mexico White Lawyers’ Association..

A  – because White lawyers would not dare form such an association – racialised groupings are a privilege only afforded to some, not others!


B – because NO contrary voice at all was heard, nobody invited to dispute Gushing Sonia’s nauseating eulogy.



Now, if only a tiny percentage of Americans had opposed The Dotard’s nominee, perhaps the BBC could argue they had no obligation, under their charter duty to be fair and balanced…

…..to give a miniscule minority equal time.

But how was the Senate split?

99-1?   90-10?   80-20?  70- 30?  60-40?

Er, NO.  None of the above.

Actually, it was 53-47….



….and only because three RINO rats deserted their colleagues to vote for the far-left woman.

So BBC World News betrayed their responsibility to let both sides be heard on a key issue.

Predictable, if you know about BBC guest-choices.

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Later in the day, we got a couple of brief shots of Ted Cruz and another Republican asking her pre-confirmation questions, but that was more than outweighed by a camera dwelling on an absurd Democrat popinjay, Cory Booker, being so sycophantic towards Jackson that I thought he was about to ask her for a date.

But nothing after the confirmation vote EXCEPT Gusher’s glorification.

Not even one of the 43 loyal Republicans