Ursula Endorses Push-Back In Ukraine – Fourth Reich Hypocrisy!

The hypocrisy of the Fourth Reich is beyond belief, as it air-brushes the rancid rhetoric its commissars were brandishing last year….



…at countries brave enough to resist illegal invasions by violent savages…

Video spreads in social networks - migrants storm barriers on the Belarusian-Polish border - Perild

Poles Defend Europe, EU Back-Stabs

..in Poland, and of course before that too, in Spain, and in the Balkans before that…



…countries condemned for ‘push-back’ policies…

Red Commissar Ylva Yelps At Border Defenders… 

…against savages who, like (so far unidentified) Russians in Ukrainian war-zones, have been clearly identified as sex predators in many of the countries…

Truth Told – Threatening, Thieving…Migrant Molestation! 

Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

…. whose borders they have violated.

This morning, on UK Pravda, we heard Kaiserin Ursula prattling about how Ukraine is ‘defending the borders of Europe.’


That was her, on BBC Word News – Jakarta time – 09.10am, 9/4/22

Jawohl, Ursula – it’s called PUSH-BACK!