Grievous Bodily Harm, But UK Can’t Deport?

The judges remarked that deporting him would be “cruel and morally wrong” as it would undo his rehabilitation.



His ‘rehabilitation’ must be open to question if it can be undone by relocation.

Officials targeted Peccoo for deportation after he was imprisoned for grievous bodily harm (GBH) and drugs offences in 2015.

I’d say that made him a sufficiently undesirable alien….

….wouldn’t you?

The department’s lawyers argued that he continued to remain a threat even after he had completed his sentence

Being the Guardian, the hacks have stacks of quotes from folks who think this is a dashed fine fellow, including the notorious JCWI…

Previously they’ve shown their true colours, literally, as above – telling the Home Office to unleash undesirables from its immigration detention centres.

Great Escape? UK Pro-Crimmigrant Pinkos Exploit Covid!

…. and the Mayor of Bristol, a city many of us regard as a blot on the national landscape…

 e.g. Bristol University….

and the lawless haters of BLM..

Protesters throw the statue into Bristol harbour
.. and it’s cr-ppy constabulary. .

….a view reinforced, on learning that no less than 90,000 residents there signed a petition supporting this poor, hard-done-by Jamaican.